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Colors are the smiles of nature


Hi my lovely readers!

This summer brought me to a lot of new places because of the good weather. There is nothing better than good weather and some nice clothes. In this post I am wearing a chic trend khaki dress of “Guess” with the “Pauls Boutique” black crosshatch and black hills of “Zara”. In my new upcoming post I will give you guys a look to the new “Guess” bag.

So stay tuned for the upcoming post!

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The place where it all started


This summer I decided to travel to one of my favorite vacation destination, Montenegro. This is where it all started the place where I was inspired to start a blog and make my first post.

The place where I made my new shoot is just breath taking with the perfect view on the beach 
of Ulcin. This place gives me always positive vibes. It is very interesting how I started and how far I came with my blog. The hot weather made me choose for a nice outfit. I decided to wear an orange/red off-shoulder top with a white ripped short, my bag and belt that I am wearing are from Gucci combined with the flower print of my slippers.

I hope you enjoyed my post stay tuned !

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Roxy Fitness event


I was invited to the Roxy Fitness event at the Twins Club in Bredene. One of my friends joined me to this event and we both had the opportunity to learn yoga (since we’re still beginners). We’ve never felt this relaxed before and we really enjoyed the yoga session. Later on, we continued this amazing day by running on the beach and through the dunes. I must admit I’ve never lost so much sweat! To end the day we learned how to Stand Up Paddle (SUP), the water and the weather were just perfect. During this day I was wearing multiple Roxy Fitness outfits. Definitely, check them out! They are so soft and you can even wear them in the water. Roxy has definitely stolen my heart and I will be buying more of them in the near future!

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l’amour gagne toujours


Hi guys !
To continue the journey in Paris, I take you to the Louvre museum. I wore a pretty casual outfit for it, a pants and a button up. When you wear a button up chose one that has interesting elements in it. Like this one from Kaporal, the collar and the stripes. The most fun element of it is the back: ‘L’amour gagner toujours’. I chose to wear this because we are in the city of love. And those elements make a difference in your outfit. To complete the whole look I threw a camel leather jacket over it for extra color and the right boots to walk in. By picking the right accessories you can make any outfit more interesting.
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Imagine, Create, Live


Paris is just Perfect !
For the second shoot in Paris I decided to wear one
of my favorite brands ‘Minimum’ (Spring Collection by Moves).
magrit long sleeved blouse with Wide-cut Pull-on Pants.
It makes you feel very comfortable and it gives you a very classy feeling too.
The shoot is taken at the same location as my previous post, because it’s just one of my favorite locations in Paris.
I promise you guys for the upcoming post in Paris would be on another location.

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Paris is always a good idea


Hi guys for the weekend I decided to visit Paris one of my favorite city in Europe. 

My new post was taken next to the Eiffel Tower a very beautiful spot to take your time and enjoy the view. Paris is not only about love but also about fashion. I had a lot of luck with the nice weather so it was the perfect time to make a new post for my blog.

The Sunglasses and shoulder-bag I received for this post is from the new collection of ‘Miracles’ and the amazing pull-over from ‘Kaporal’ of the FW17 collection.

More upcoming posts on the way about my weekend in Paris stay tuned !
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Make it simple, but significant


A day in the streets of Brussels. Today I decided to wear a classy outfit it is simple but it gives me a confident feeling. Grey suit and grey shoes with canvas platforms. The sunglasses I wore in this post are grey metallic Ray-ban that I received at the event of Luxottica in Antwerp. Just a normal post in a diferent way. Stay tuned more posts on the way!
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I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour


For this post I decided to chose a special location so I went to one of the most well known Parks of Brussels the Jubilee Park. It has a great history and this park was also a part of the military.
This time I paired a black military blazer dress that matches with black Ober-The-Knee Boots. The finishing touch of my outfit is the red Julia Burgundy bloggerbag of Paul’s Boutique.

Stay tuned for more upcoming post
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good things take time


I’m totally back guys and this time not only with one post I have a few more on the way so make sure you stay up to date these days on my blog for the new posts.
For this post I decided to have a shoot at one of the most cosy places of Brussels. My outfit for the day has a gray colour that I prefer for the early winter months.
I also decided to wear gray pants with white lines that match with my grey shoes and pull. Dark colours are just perfect for this cold weather.
I would like to thank Pauls boutique for the amazing limited edition Julia Burgundy blogger bag it’s just gorgeous and handy It also combines very well with my outfit.

Stay tuned for more upcoming posts on my blog. Enjoy

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