Everything in red


Hi guys,
First of all I would like to let you know that I was in a very busy period with exams, but now I’m back and so once again time for a new post for valentine’s day !

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It’s Cold Outside


Hi everyone!!
First I would like to wish you all beautiful moments and treasured memories for this year!! A happy new year for you & your family!

Well, here in Belgium, it’s very cold and it hasn’t snow that much because most of the time it’s raining haha, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit home and wait until winter passes!!!
This week I finally had some time to rest and enjoy the holidays. One of those days I went outside to do a photoshoot to show you guys what I wore that day.
It was a cold day, it was raining but it wasn’t a huge problem because I tied my scarf in a special way that my hair didn’t get wet and it gave me enough warmth.
I was wearing a sleeveless jacket because it wasn’t that cold.
Under my shorts I wore boots that made it easier to walk.

Well, now about 2015, I’m thinking about some new stuff I can put on my blog but it would really help me if you guys give me any suggestions on what I can bring you.

Let’s end again with a quote;

“May 2015
 be a year
 rare CHANEL
& Louboutins.
Happy New Year!”

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Santa Says Relax


Hi everyone!
How have you been…? After an awesome week working as a stylist which was an amazing experience , I’m ready to share some photos with you!
With Christmas closing in, I decorated my tree but what’s the point in doing something if you’re not wel dressed?!
It was a Sunday night so I was almost going to bed that’s why I was wearing a nightcap and socks which I bought earlier that week.
As always I asked my Brother) to help me out with the photos, because I want to share one of my outfits each and every week with my followers.
I wish each and everyone of you happy Christmas!
We’ll keep in touch, hopefully at the end of this week I can share some more pictures on my website.
Let’s end this with another ‘Fashion quote’: “When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again.”
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A clear autumn day


Today me and my brother went on a trip to the castle grounds as it offers a matching background for the clothes I was wearing. Like any other normal autumn day the purity of the clear blue sky comes with a chilly temperature. Clear blue sky, a medieval castle and the beauty of autumn, I thought to myself “it’s a perfect time for a couple of new pictures to add to my website” thus my brother jumped in action. I was wearing a black shirt together with a matching pair of dark leggings which the front leather and the backside is cotton this creates a more alternating and complex look. As for the upper layer I picked the colour brown, it not only goes well with black but autumn is the most fitting season for the colour brown. The colour splendidly matches with his surrounding i.e. the fallen leafs and in this case also the castle. I explicitly chose the brown cotton trenchcoat because it has big black buttons which matches with the black inner layer of cloths. I also chose for a swarthy pair of boots, they are more comfortable to walk around in and the also match well with the dark leather pants. To end it all of I had a heart-shaped necklace hanging around my neck and to keep myself warm a fur collar.
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Sunday Street Style


Hi everyone !
This will be my second post on my all new fashion! After a long and tiresome week, I decided to take some free time and use it to update my blog. So today I’ll bring you some new and even more stunning pictures as promised. My lovely brother decided to help me out again even though it was quite cold outside. To keep myself warm I went for a rather more casual look, I was wearing dungarees, on top of that a cosy sweater, boots, a bag and to finish it all of a headband. I added the shops below, so you’re free to go check them out and find something nice for yourself. Let me know if you have comments or suggestions on my website.  As for today I’m going to end with one of my favourite quotes: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

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Keep it classy, and a bit edgy


 Hey everyone !
On a chilly autumn day I decided to go for a walk in Brussels with my brother to explore the beauty of the city. We went to Brussels central, where we captured some astonishing pictures of our patrimony ‘Palais Des Congres’. The view was so magnificent and clear that my brother started to take picture of me while I was posing for the picture. I was wearing a simple pair of jeans together with a plain white shirt. The t-shirt right side was stuck under my belt while I let the left side loose to create a more edgy effect. As it was not too cold that day, I went along with a black terry jacket and a black hat to create an more fancy look. I accessorized myself with an ordinary black handbag and some not too outstanding jewelry. This all resulted in fashionable pictures which are a reminder of a joyful day.
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