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 Paul’s Boutique in Amsterdam


Hi guys

Here I am again with a new post.
I was invited to a new event of Pauls Boutique in Amsterdam.
I had the chance to take a look in one of the most finest museums in Amsterdam The Museum of Bags and Purses.
I was welcomed by very nice people with a drink and fingerfood.
First we had to listen to a very important speech about the fashion marketing after that we had the chance to walk around and take a look to the different kind of bags as vintage designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and a lot more.
At the end of the event there was a big surprise for the bloggers we received a limited edition backpack of Pauls Boutique. Lees verder Lifestyle



This time I was invited to the event of Paul’s Boutique. So I took my car that weekend and drove from Belgium to the most beautiful place of Holland namely Amsterdam. The dress code of the event was ‘Grey with yellow’ I didn’t understand why those 2 different colors, but at the end of the event it was all clear. All the fashion bloggers received a limited edition bag in a grey and yellow colour of Paul’s Boutique with a lot of gifts in it. It was a very nice event.
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