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Hey there, I’m back with a new post. Autumn is coming and so are the cold days. But nothing can’t stop me from keeping the summer feelings alive a bit longer. I was invited at an event of the designer brand Minimum in the Klub Kasino in Antwerp. Especially for that night, I bought this burning red jumpsuit. It’s a simple but very elegant outfit. The colour itself brings warmth and makes you stand out in the crowd. Before the event I made some time to let shoot some photos of my look of the day at a beautiful place in Brussels where a couple chinese looking buildings are built. I wanted to go there for a while, and now I finally did. It kind of looked like a park. The fact that there were children in the back made me feel like I was in China and I felt completely at ease. I know this blog post is a little bit different than usual but hopefully you did enjoy this as well. Soon there will be one last summer post. So, stay tuned!

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summer feeling


Hi guys, I’m back with a new style, I hope you’ll like. This year I didn’t went abroad. But the summerfeeling wasn’t that far away. I have worked a couple days for Proximus on the Belgian coast. After work I made time to shoot new photos for this blog. I have chosen for a classy elegant style, but my Adidas sneakers made it a casual style as well. The photos are taken on a place that fits perfectly with the style I was wearing. For now, I have to go. There will be a new blog post soon, stay updated.

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chill out in style


Hi guys, I know it’s been a while since my last blog post, but I had a very busy week. I’ve done commercials for Kenzo and Alpro Soya. It was great! I’m about to post the commercials on my blog soon, so y’all stay up to date about my lifestyle.

So I’m back with something new. I hope you like my new outfit. I took it to another level this time. I have opted for an urban style. The place where the pictures were taken, was chosen by my brother. He told me I can find the best sunrise in our town close to the bridge of Vilvoorde.

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enjoying the nature


Hello my lovely readers! I just wanted to say a quick hello and share my photos for this week. I’ve been taking full advantage of the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been enjoying for the past couple of days, to take my first profesional photos for my blog. With the help of the talented photographer Santi Design and his crew, we took these beautiful photos. This time the location was Brussel and i hope you like what i choose to wear. My dear readers here you got my latest look, I wish a beautiful week. Speak too you very soon and don’t hesitate to comment for anything !

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it’s all about color


Hello my dearest followers, I hope you started the week in a good mood. This time i didn’t take too long to come with new photos.. Destination this time was Antwerp Centrum, i was lucky with the weather. Well to combinate the outfit, this time i started from the shoes, the ones my brother bought in barcelona, they’re the new Adidas Originals, the Supercolor Pharrell Superstars, it was kind a hard to chose something that fits but i have a magic closet so i found something and i think it matches !
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sunny day


Hi everyone, how have you been ! This time i tried to bring for you something different , something what everyone is waiting, the summer and the short outfit . I was in Knokke,(Belgium seashore) with my family and i took the opportunity to take the photo there for you. I chose that outfit because i thought it might suit with the weather and the place. The hand bag , you see it’s a bag that i bought in greece, it doesn’t have a certain brand but i like it because i can combine with other clothes easy. Well, i had a great day there and i’m happy because summer is almost here. Have a great week guys and see you soon

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This time I was invited to the event of Paul’s Boutique. So I took my car that weekend and drove from Belgium to the most beautiful place of Holland namely Amsterdam. The dress code of the event was ‘Grey with yellow’ I didn’t understand why those 2 different colors, but at the end of the event it was all clear. All the fashion bloggers received a limited edition bag in a grey and yellow colour of Paul’s Boutique with a lot of gifts in it. It was a very nice event.
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Antwerp City



Hello everybody, here we come again !
Well, after a month but i missed you guys.
First it was my birthday, which i had a awesome day with my friends and family and then it was the time to visit my lovely country Kosovo..
I went there for few weeks, i can’t say anything else except it’s a amazing place and everyone of you have to go and visit it !
Now i’m back here in Belgium, living the school life as always, but i thought about you guys also, my lovely followers, so here are the photos of this month, Asked the help of a friend to take them, we went in a big building in Antwerpen.. i hope you like and don’t hesitate to comment for anything !

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