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De l’amour à la haine


Dear Lovely readers,

For this shoot I would like to thank Bons baisers de Paname for the conformable shoes and the lovely design. It matches perfect with the black dress from Zara I choosed and the sunglasses of Vogue Eyewear. The red bag of Zara is the perfect matching color with the sneakers. It’s a very comfortable outfit you can wear it whenever you want.
By the way girls if you love to take a look for some new shoes go check this site
and if you find something that you want to buy just use the LIBERTA10 code and get a discount of 10% !

Stay tuned for more upcoming posts!

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Work hard dream big.


Hi Guys ,
Here I am with a new post I had an amazing weekend with this lovely Mercedes S560 Coupé 4 matic. I think that I finally found my Dream Car!
At that day when I got my car, NA-KD sended me a Box with nice clothes.
For this shoot I was wearing a gray dress with black boots also from NA-KD very elegant. I combined the lovely car with my black Chanel bag and the black boots. By the way girls if you love to take a look for some new clothes go check this site  and if you find something that you want to buy just use the ”Liberta20 ” code and get a discount of 20% and of course I want to thank also the Grace Flowerbox for the amazing flowers!

Stay tuned for my upcoming post!

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I don’t know where I am going but I’m on my way.



Where do I start? Antwerp city is one of my favorite cities in Belgium so I decide to go there for a shoot for my new blogpost about my lovely Fur jacket of Marciano that inspired me to take this shot in the metro. The yellow color of the metro matches with my Fur jacket. It was a great experience for me to have a shoot in public place its was not easy to have a shoot there with my best friend who is a fotografer but we tried.

I hope you guys love my new post with this special outfit.

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Take a simple idea and take it seriously


Hi guys here I am with my new post I had an amazing collaboration with the IO Jaffar optician store in Vilvoorde they have amazing sunglasses and glasses so make sure you go there to check and buy lovely glases like those I wear from Dolce Gabbana! I really fell in love with the sweater I’m wearing because im so comfy in it. It is from Miinto I got this from the event of Miinto. If you guys love this sweater take a look on the webshop
I combined the sweater with my black leather leggings and my high leg heeled boot.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post my lovely followers!

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It always seems impossible until it is done


I’m happy to finally be sharing this project with you guys because not only am I extremely proud of my collaboration with Mercedes, but also to show you guys my perfect matching outfit in this post. I had so much fun by driving the new Mercedes GLE 250d 4matic. This car make you really feel comfortable. The outfit I was wearing for this shoot was a green jumpsuits in combination with black boots and a black leather bag.


Colors are the smiles of nature


Hi my lovely readers!

This summer brought me to a lot of new places because of the good weather. There is nothing better than good weather and some nice clothes. In this post I am wearing a chic trend khaki dress of “Guess” with the “Pauls Boutique” black crosshatch and black hills of “Zara”. In my new upcoming post I will give you guys a look to the new “Guess” bag.

So stay tuned for the upcoming post!

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The place where it all started


This summer I decided to travel to one of my favorite vacation destination, Montenegro. This is where it all started the place where I was inspired to start a blog and make my first post.

The place where I made my new shoot is just breath taking with the perfect view on the beach 
of Ulcin. This place gives me always positive vibes. It is very interesting how I started and how far I came with my blog. The hot weather made me choose for a nice outfit. I decided to wear an orange/red off-shoulder top with a white ripped short, my bag and belt that I am wearing are from Gucci combined with the flower print of my slippers.

I hope you enjoyed my post stay tuned !

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Roxy Fitness event


I was invited to the Roxy Fitness event at the Twins Club in Bredene. One of my friends joined me to this event and we both had the opportunity to learn yoga (since we’re still beginners). We’ve never felt this relaxed before and we really enjoyed the yoga session. Later on, we continued this amazing day by running on the beach and through the dunes. I must admit I’ve never lost so much sweat! To end the day we learned how to Stand Up Paddle (SUP), the water and the weather were just perfect. During this day I was wearing multiple Roxy Fitness outfits. Definitely, check them out! They are so soft and you can even wear them in the water. Roxy has definitely stolen my heart and I will be buying more of them in the near future!

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