It’s Cold Outside


Hi everyone!!
First I would like to wish you all beautiful moments and treasured memories for this year!! A happy new year for you & your family!

Well, here in Belgium, it’s very cold and it hasn’t snow that much because most of the time it’s raining haha, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit home and wait until winter passes!!!
This week I finally had some time to rest and enjoy the holidays. One of those days I went outside to do a photoshoot to show you guys what I wore that day.
It was a cold day, it was raining but it wasn’t a huge problem because I tied my scarf in a special way that my hair didn’t get wet and it gave me enough warmth.
I was wearing a sleeveless jacket because it wasn’t that cold.
Under my shorts I wore boots that made it easier to walk.

Well, now about 2015, I’m thinking about some new stuff I can put on my blog but it would really help me if you guys give me any suggestions on what I can bring you.

Let’s end again with a quote;

“May 2015
 be a year
 rare CHANEL
& Louboutins.
Happy New Year!”


I was wearing

Timberland Boots
H&M high waist shorts
ZARA scarf
H&M Fine-knit sweaters
H&M handbag
Pull & Bear sleeveless jacket









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