A clear autumn day


Today me and my brother went on a trip to the castle grounds as it offers a matching background for the clothes I was wearing. Like any other normal autumn day the purity of the clear blue sky comes with a chilly temperature. Clear blue sky, a medieval castle and the beauty of autumn, I thought to myself “it’s a perfect time for a couple of new pictures to add to my website” thus my brother jumped in action. I was wearing a black shirt together with a matching pair of dark leggings which the front leather and the backside is cotton this creates a more alternating and complex look. As for the upper layer I picked the colour brown, it not only goes well with black but autumn is the most fitting season for the colour brown. The colour splendidly matches with his surrounding i.e. the fallen leafs and in this case also the castle. I explicitly chose the brown cotton trenchcoat because it has big black buttons which matches with the black inner layer of cloths. I also chose for a swarthy pair of boots, they are more comfortable to walk around in and the also match well with the dark leather pants. To end it all of I had a heart-shaped necklace hanging around my neck and to keep myself warm a fur collar.


I was wearing

Zara Black shirt
Zara Dark leggings
Bershka  brown cotton trenchcoat
Bershka  swarthy pair of boots
Louis Vuitton backpack
Forever 21 Necklace
H&M fur collar










IMG_8448Photos By Lejton Vokshi

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