Sunday Street Style


Hi everyone !
This will be my second post on my all new fashion! After a long and tiresome week, I decided to take some free time and use it to update my blog. So today I’ll bring you some new and even more stunning pictures as promised. My lovely brother decided to help me out again even though it was quite cold outside. To keep myself warm I went for a rather more casual look, I was wearing dungarees, on top of that a cosy sweater, boots, a bag and to finish it all of a headband. I added the shops below, so you’re free to go check them out and find something nice for yourself. Let me know if you have comments or suggestions on my website.  As for today I’m going to end with one of my favourite quotes: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

I was wearing

H&M sweater
Timberland boots
H&M bag
Braided headband






Have a nice week guys

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