Keep it classy, and a bit edgy


 Hey everyone !
On a chilly autumn day I decided to go for a walk in Brussels with my brother to explore the beauty of the city. We went to Brussels central, where we captured some astonishing pictures of our patrimony ‘Palais Des Congres’. The view was so magnificent and clear that my brother started to take picture of me while I was posing for the picture. I was wearing a simple pair of jeans together with a plain white shirt. The t-shirt right side was stuck under my belt while I let the left side loose to create a more edgy effect. As it was not too cold that day, I went along with a black terry jacket and a black hat to create an more fancy look. I accessorized myself with an ordinary black handbag and some not too outstanding jewelry. This all resulted in fashionable pictures which are a reminder of a joyful day.


I was wearing

Tommy Hilfiger
Bershka terry jacket with belt
H&M  jeans
ZARA bag
H&M hat
Zara Soft slipper
sunglasses marc jacobs








IMG_8067Photos by Lejton Vokshi

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